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Before You Move: FAQs

Everything on Packing, Payment & Valuation

Determine Your Moving Needs.

Moving is a very stressful time that can quickly become chaotic, no matter if this is your first move or your fortieth. Thankfully, Moving On Up™ is here to help! We have provided below our most frequently asked questions regarding billing, packing and all things moving organized in the following categories:

1) Your Moving Budget.

Understanding Moving Paperwork.

What is a Binding Estimate?

A binding estimate is a contract that states the cost of a move based on the services needed for a specific list of items (or hourly rate) at the time of the estimate. However, if additional services are requested or required at either origin or destination, or if items that were not supplied on the estimated inventory also need to be moved, the total cost will increase.

Calculating Your Price for Additional Moving Services.

When is the Most Affordable Time to Move?

Moves are typically booked at the end of the month, to coordinate with ending leases or college semesters. Local moves within the same city are almost always booked over the weekend. As such, if you'd like to save on your move, book in advance by at least three weeks, and aim for weekdays or around the middle of the month (depending on where you're moving).

Note: Last minute and same day moves are significantly more expensive, so don't wait until the last minute!

Can the Movers Move My Pets or Plants?

Moving and storing perishable food items, live plants or animals is not permitted by the Department of Transportation. Furthermore, certain states prohibit plants or animals from crossing state lines, such as California. For safety reasons, movers cannot move animals in the back of a moving truck with boxes, bicycles, and furniture.

If you have pets and need help moving them, Moving On Up, Inc. recommends using Air Animals Pet Movers or Animals Away pet shippers. Both companies will take very good care of your best friend by flying them to your new home safe and sound. Whether you have a dog, cat, ferret, bird, turtle or snake, these pet relocation companies are a sure bet.

Can I Hitch a Ride in the Moving Truck?

Again, for safety reasons, Moving On Up cannot transport people on our commercial moving trucks. If you're trying to save on driving costs for your move, why not consider the Ride Share programs on Craigslist.org instead?

Do I Need Storage?

If you're waiting the sale on your new house to close or have a lease that is ending before you plan on moving, Moving On Up™ has the solution for you! As a courtesy to our customers and to ease your stressful transition, Moving On Up™ offers one month FREE storage if you move with our company. Our private storage facility can securely hold your items until you are ready to move thanks to our low month-to-month rates for extended stays.

Call Moving On Up™ now at 1 (877) MOV-ONUP to speak to a representative about which storage option is right for you. Our moving consultants are standing by to answer any questions about private and public storage available at the pickup or destination city for your upcoming relocation.

What if I Need to Move My Car Too?

Moving On Up™ offers local and interstate car shipping through an affiliated car carrier for reduced rates. Be sure to inform your moving consultant of any cars or other motor vehicles that you would like to relocate along with your move so the proper arrangements can be made.

How Much are Packing Materials?

Please note that packing materials will be charged upon use unless included in your quote! At your request, Moving On Up™ can provide professional packing of your fragile items by our moving staff for an additional fee. These supplies can be purchased from our company, but is not obligatory. However, Moving On Up™ will not transport any items without proper packaging.

If you would like to purchase packing supplies from Moving On Up™ directly, or if you would simply like to see the variety of available boxes and wrapping materials for your move, please review the Price Breakdown chart for our packing materials.

Where Can I Get Free Boxes?

The best place to get free boxes is probably your job or any neighboring office. Everyday, someone is moving in or moving out right in your neighborhood, and chances are they have extra boxes they don't need anymore. The best place to find free boxes right up the street is probably the "Free" section on Craigslist.org. For larger boxes, or specialty boxes, try your local grocery or neighborhood Walmart.

Note: All non-furniture items must be boxed in a cardboard box or plastic bin in order to be loaded on the moving truck. Trash bags cannot be loaded.

What are Long Carry & Shuttle Services?

Shuttle service refers to a smaller vehicle being used to haul goods if the location is inaccessible to large trailers. In the event that your delivery is performed by one of our tractor trailers (semi 53 foot) and there is no access to the premises for the trailer, an additional fee will be assessed. Please confirm beforehand with your community or condominium association whether or not you will require shuttle service.

Do I Have to Pay for Stairs?

Moving On Up™ DOES NOT charge extra for carrying your furniture or boxes up or down for the first flight of stairs or up to 100ft of long carry. However, additional rates will apply for additional carry, so if you live on a 5-story walk-up, be sure to notify your moving consultant prior to your move day.

What If My Condo Wants to Be Insured?

In the event that building insurance is needed - a requirement for most condominium associations - please notify your sales rep so that the proper arrangements can be made.

2) Protect Your Items through Proper Packing & Insurance.

What to Pack (And What to Leave Behind or Carry with You).

Can I Pack My Cleaning Supplies?

Cleaning supplies are considered "chemicals and/or hazardous materials" by the Department of Transportation. As such, Moving On Up™ cannot transport any boxes packed with cleaning supplies in our moving trucks. Furthermore, if bleach, ammonia or other standard household cleaners are improperly packed, the box could fall apart - or worse, leak through and ruin other boxes or furniture.

For the sake of your belongings (as well as the other moves loaded on your carrier) PLEASE do not pack any cleaning agents or chemicals whatsoever! Remember, unless you choose to purchase professional packing services, Moving On Up will not be able to identify boxes that have agents

Should I Pack My Jewelry, Money or Important Documents?

For obvious reasons, we do not recommend transporting money or sensitive documents in a moving van, as they cannot be replaced (even with full-coverage moving insurance). When packing your belongings, please remember to store items such as watches, rings, cash, checkbooks, credit cards, Ipods, Blackberries, or birth certificates elsewhere so that they are not accidentally loaded onto the moving truck on your moving day.

Proper Packing: Supplies & Techniques.

What Do I Need to Pack?

Prepare for your move and prevent extra charges by having the following on or before the day of your move:

  • Mattress Covers
  • Mirror Boxes
  • Crating for Glass Top Tables
  • Television Boxes
  • Proper Packaging Supplies for Antiques & Other Fragile Items

Please remember that Moving On Up™ will not transport any items without proper packaging.

Can I Pack All of My Stuff into Garbage Bags?

The short answer is NO, our movers will not move any items that are tied up in plastic bags, tote bags, or open containers. With the exception of trunks and plastic bins, ALL NON-FURNITURE ITEMS MUST be packed in BOXES. For liability reasons, there are no exceptions. Please also note that on your move day, you will incur additional expenses for professional packing and packing supplies to move anything packed inside of bags.

How Can I Safely Pack My Fragile Belongings?

Check out our Packing Tips for more information on packing delicate items such as ceramic figurines or fine china, antiques, and other valuables. Moving On Up™ strongly recommends wrapping fragile items in cloth or towels instead of newspaper, and purchasing full-coverage moving insurance for costly or irreplaceable belongings.

Is There Anything the Movers Can't Take?

Prepare for your move and prevent extra charges by having the following on or before the day of your move:

  • Perishable Food Items from Your Refrigerator and Kitchen.
  • Chemical and Hazardous Materials:
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Paint Cans or Aerosol Sprays
    • Fuel or Gasoline
    • Car Batteries
    • Pool Chemicals
    • Fireworks or Explosives
    • Dry Ice
  • Living Items (Plants, Pets, or People).
  • Personal Records, Identification and Other Important Documents.
  • High Cost Items You Should Keep with You:
    • Cash, Credit Cards, Checkbooks
    • Jewelry
    • Ipods, Cell Phones, PDAs, Gameboys, Laptops
  • Bags and Unsealed Plastic Containers
    • Plastic, Grocery, or Trash Bags
    • Tote Bags, Purses
    • Unsealed Plastic Hampers or Bins

Insure Your Valuables.

Can I Get Insurance?

Moving On Up, Inc.™ provides basic valuation coverage on your items during relocation, however, Moving On Up™ also has a wide range of insurance options for you to choose from for your convenience. Our moving consultants will be more than happy to help you choose the best full-coverage moving insurance for your move.